Bella Vista Inn & Sunset Bay Resort
Call (989) 856-2650

Motel Rooms

Our 2 bedded Guest Rooms feature two double size beds, bath, cable TV and limited Wifi.
Some King-size beds available


For reservations please call: (989) 856-2650

*Please note Bella Vista & Sunset Bay Resorts are both NON-Smoking and we do not except pets.


Cancellation Policy 

  • There is a 48-hour notice of cancellation on all motel rooms for a 1-night stay.
  • Exception: Holidays, Shanty Days, or the other two Festivals there is a 2-week notice of cancellation. Customer must cancel two weeks prior to arrival (or sooner).
  • There is 1-month cancellation for the CHEESEBURGER Festival.
  • If more than one room is being held or if the room held is for more than two days, there is a 2-week notice of cancellation.
  • If customer fails to cancel their reservation in the allotted time period they will forfeit their deposit and are responsible for their entire stay